Data-Driven SEO Tweaks for Reader Engagement

The post below was written by Paco Darcey, a Business Analyst at Clutch where he leads research on BI and data analytics. Search engine optimization (SEO) is now search experience optimization, where the goal is not just to optimize websites and keywords to funnel visitors to specific webpages, but instead to optimize the entire experience ...

The Status Should Never Be Quo

A great idea can change the status quo of a company, an industry, a nation, or the planet. But let's be absolutely clear on one point. There are a lot of people who are comfortable with the status quo. You are going to have problems getting p

Woopra KPI and Conversion Tracking Step-by-Step Instructions By Aim Clear

How to Build a KPI Tracking Dashboard Using Woopra » aimClear Search Marketing Blog by Aim Clear’s Marty Weintraub is a step-by-step look at how to create a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) “dashboard” with Woopra. More analytics mavens are becoming aware of Woopra, a relatively inexpensive software package, available on the web and as a ...

Why Do I Have To Give My Name To Use Social Media For My Business? 1

Why Do I Have To Give My Name To Use Social Media For My Business?
Ok, folks, I’ve finally heard it enough that I needed to share it. Yet, again, I was requested by a client to help them “use social media to get more customers”. I explained how the process of reaching out with Social Media works and the fact that you really don’t sell, but simply make connections ...

Tesing iphone app

Tesing iphone app
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