Woopra Wins FinancesOnline 2016 Expert’s Choice and Great User Experience Award

We’ve put tremendous effort into making Woopra the most customizable, intuitive and powerful customer intelligence solution on the market. We’re thrilled to see that our hard work is paying off and proud to be recognized by a popular directory of software comparisons and reviews, FinancesOnline, in their recent Woopra review of our platform.

Today, Woopra was awarded two prestigious awards by FinancesOnline, including the 2016 Great User Experience Award and the 2016 Expert’s Choice Award in the online business intelligence software and marketing software categories.

Woopra Awards

In their review, FinancesOnline recognizes Woopra as the leading solution for customer intelligence, breaking the mold of traditional analytics software:

“The reality of customer engagement today is that it is multi-device (i.e. most people use multiple devices) and multi-touch point (i.e. most users interact with companies via several digital touch points). Customers expect companies to be aware of all this activity and provide relevant experiences that mimic one-to-one communications.

Traditional analytics tools cannot deliver on this as they are limited by:

  • Lack of real-time insight into individual user behavior, only providing aggregate data, which often comes with multi-hour delays
  • Lack of ability to track users across all touch points and centralize this data in real-time
  • Lack of ability to communicate with other tools in order to leverage data to trigger targeted actions

Woopra solves this by tracking every user at every touch point in real-time and centralizing this data within the platform. Through Woopra’s integrations, companies can then leverage this comprehensive data set to trigger real-time actions and ultimately deliver better customer experiences.”

We’ve accepted the awards with great pride and promise to continue partnering with bold customers who are committed to bridging the siloed data gap and empowering their teams with real-time data and actionable insights.

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