You’ve got Mailgun! Introducing Mailgun in Woopra AppConnect

We’re constantly evolving and innovating our product offering to deliver our customers the most advanced customer intelligence solution on the market. As part of this mission, we’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to Woopra’s AppConnect integration library, Mailgun.

Mailgun is an email service for developers that allows users to send, receive and track email from their application within minutes. Companies like Slack, Lyft, Stripe and Github trust Mailgun for transactional email automation that is simple and easy to implement.

Mailgun and Woopra: A match made in email heaven

Mailgun and Woopra
If you’re familiar with Woopra, you’ve probably noticed that we have direct integrations in AppConnect with other email marketing services such as SendGrid, Marketo, Mailchimp and While these integrations work well if you’re already using these tools, customers who use Mailgun for transactional email delivery were left without the simple, one-click integration that AppConnect offers.

To remedy this, you’ll now find Mailgun added to our repertoire of integrations. Customers who complete the integration setup will be able to:

  • Track emails sent
  • Track emails delivered
  • Add a visitor to an email list based on the actions they take
  • Remove a visitor from an email list
  • Track custom email events such as opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces and more!

For example, let’s say you’re a Mailgun customer and want to add visitors who are heavily engaged with your product to a monthly Product Newsletter. You can create the newsletter list within Mailgun, set the segmenting criteria on Woopra (e.g. people who have created at least three projects) and those who fit the set criteria will be automatically added to the defined list going forward.

Ready to get started? To install, login to Woopra and search for “Mailgun” in AppConnect. You can also check out a detailed description in AppConnect here.

If you have questions or need help setting up, reach out to our support team any time by emailing

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