Introducing Two Dimensional Funnel Analytics

Funnels tell you where users drop off on the path to conversion, but more often than not users take different paths. Yet, with the current Funnel Analytics available on most analytics platforms, it is impossible to account for these different paths.

Until now, funnel reports provided by analytics services have been linear. This means a funnel can only consist of a series of required goals, making it very challenging to measure the effect of some optional goals (i.e. goals that are not absolutely required). Each user has to go through all the steps in the funnel and if one is missed, they will be dropped out of the funnel.

So, we’ve decided to update our reporting to allow users to visualize the effect of those optional goals in a data flow format. From some very early attempts, we were able to get tremendous insight from our data and we immediately knew that this was the future of Woopra’s Funnel Analytics.

In order to implement this new feature, we have redesigned our data platforms and infrastructure. This is only one of a series of updates to our features that will be happening over the next 12 months.

With the new funnels, users can add optional goals which allows them to see how many people go through that goal before reaching the next required step. It adds an entirely new dimension to the funnel.

Woopra 2D Funnel

Optional Goals

These new funnels allow you to measure the effect of specific optional behaviors before reaching a goal. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can use optional goals.

Measuring The Effect of Retargeting

With the new funnels, you can understand how retargeting impacts sign up conversions.

The new funnels will show you the percentage of people who signed up directly and the percentage of those who signed up after they arrived back to the website from a retargeting campaign.

Comparing Scores or Verticals

You can also understand how many new sign ups become paying customers broken down by the segments they fit in. For example, say your company scores new signups from 1 to 5 based on many factors including technologies used by the company, their engagement level, company size, etc.

With the 2-D funnels, you can now visualize the performance of people based on their scores. You no longer have to build individual reports for every segment. Instead, you can quickly understand the performance of all segments in a single glance.

Signup Scoring Funnel

Comparing The Performance of a Specific Cohort to The Average

If you use Woopra’s Funnel Analytics, you are familiar with the ability to compare the performance of cohorts across the funnel.

Now, you will be able to select any specific cohort and see how it compares to the average customer. It’s a beautiful and insightful way to learn about your users.

For example, the chart below shows you how The United States cohorts compare to everyone else at every step in the funnel. The shaded line represents the United States cohort and the green and red arrows display the performance of the cohort compared to the averages.

Compare segments

Time Windows

In addition to optional goals, we have introduced an optional time window for each goal. You can now set up a time window for a goal so that if users don’t complete the goal within that time frame, they will be dropped out of the funnel.

For example, you may want to limit the retargeting campaign goal to 30 days if you’re expecting your visitors to come back in less than 30 days and exclude those who don’t make it back within 30 days. The time windows are flexible and can range from seconds to months.

Setting Up The New Funnels

Just like the previous funnels, you can create as many funnels as you desire. In the new funnels, you will find 2 new options for each goal:

  • Whether a goal is optional or required (it’s required by default)
  • The time window for that goal

Here’s a screenshot of the new goal editor:

Funnel Goal

If you have questions or need help setting up your funnels, reach out to our support team any time by emailing

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