Where in the World is Carmen San Diego: How to Engage Customers Along the Journey

Carmen_Sandiego wikiRemember that old PBS gameshow from the ‘90s, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? The objective was pretty simple. With a little help from the Chief, school aged detectives were guided through all sorts of geography-ridden puzzles in order to find (in order): the loot, the warrant, and the crooks. One lucky gumshoe was then able to go on to the final round, which involved running all around a giant map in search of the biggest baddie of them all, Carmen herself.

Trying to win new customers for your business is much like this frantic game of searching all over the map. Like the Chief, we’re here to help you break down your customer segments so you can capture your Carmen, too.

The Loot

Before you can reach for that big bag of cartoonish-looking cash, you need to know where to look. Customer analytics can help make behind-the-scenes data visible and accessible so that you can better understand your potential customers and thereby market to them more effectively.

Get to know your users by tracking their every move, from the first time they visit your website through whether or not they’re opening those follow-up emails you send. By creating a comprehensive profile of each one of these potential new customers, you’re able to hone in on what they’re looking for, when they’re most engaged, and when they’re likely to make a sale. Now you’ve got Vic the Slick on your radar.

The Warrant

With this insight into your customers’ behavior, it’s time to start drilling down to find actionable data you can use to sharpen your strategy.

To get started, take a look at some of your key reports, like your referral sources, Funnel Analytics, and important actions, like signups. As you go through these reports, you will begin to spot higher-level trends. However, where you will really gain insight into your customers’ behavior is when you start segmenting your reports.

Segmentation will help you understand how similar types of users behave so you can determine the best ways to target each customer. For example, you may want to segment your referral sources report to see how most of your high value customers are finding you. Understanding the unique needs and behaviors of different segments is the foundation of effectively marketing to them in a relevant way.

Now that you’ve got the warrant—you’re ready for the capture.

The Crook

You’ve got the loot and you’ve got the warrant, and Carmen is just around the bend.

To capture your big sale, leverage the insight you’ve gained to customize your approach. Maybe one of your email campaigns is a surprising hit with a younger demographic. It’s time to make that one your default for twenty-something audiences. When you personalize your customer experience according to the data, it will lead you straight to Carmen’s hiding spot.

Now that you’ve captured Carmen, you can’t let her out of your sight. Stay informed by receiving real-time notifications on important customer activity straight to your mobile or desktop. Did a client make a significant change to their account? Get a push notification through Hipchat, so you can react to situations in real time.

You’ve finally nabbed your Carmen and we know she isn’t going anywhere, so there’s just one thing left to do…

“Do it, Rockapella!”

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