2 New Apps: Google Drive and Freshdesk

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 12.51.30 PMThe more tools you connect with Woopra, the more you will get out of your data. Whether it’s increased productivity, a deeper view of the customer, or a personalized experience, only good things can come from enabling your tools to talk to each other and share data. This is the concept behind AppConnect and today we have two recently added apps that will help you connect and power your tools with Woopra.

Google Drive: Streamlined Organization and Sharing

When was the last time you wished you could effortlessly extract and share an important report? One of our most popular apps yet, the Google Drive integration will let you upload selected Woopra reports to Google Drive so that you can store, edit, and share them seamlessly.

Why do I need this? The Google Drive app makes it simple and straightforward to not only keep organized and editable records of reports for yourself, but also to share them with others on your team. For example, you could upload a report on new signups to share with your product team who can also share it with your marketing team so that the two teams can collaborate on it directly within Google Drive.

How do I use it? Once you install the app, you will be able to export Analytics, Funnel, and Retention reports, as well as segmented lists of users, directly to Google Drive. From there, you can share reports with anyone on your team in order to collaborate in a single place.

Ready to get started? Install the Google Drive app here.

Freshdesk: Better Customer Support

The Freshdesk app automatically tracks all your Freshdesk case events within Woopra. For example, you can choose to track when a case is opened, when a case is closed, and many other events. You can also use this app to automatically prioritize a case in Freshdesk based on user behavior.

Why do I need this? The Freshdesk app will get you one step closer to centralizing all the interactions along the customer journey. Help desk events are key components of this journey as they are highly involved interactions and can tell you a lot about a customer’s engagement with your company. On the other hand, the ability to automatically prioritize cases will ensure a higher level of support to your users while keeping your reps organized.

Freshdesk Update Ticket

How do I use it? Once you install the apps, you will be able to select which of the available Freshdesk events you want to track. These events will automatically generate analytics reports, and you will also be able to use them in order to create segmentation filters, as Funnel or Retention steps, and more. Using Woopra’s Triggers, you will be able to prioritize cases in Freshdesk based on the user behavior you have in Woopra. Once the app is installed, you will automatically see the Freshdesk option when creating a new Trigger.

Ready to get started? Install the Freshdesk app here.

What else? In addition to the Freshdesk app in AppConnect, you can also use the Woopra app from Freshdesk to embed Customer Profiles directly within Freshdesk. This helps your support and customer success teams better assist customers by providing insight into a user’s activity in real-time.

Coming Soon: Eloqua, BlueKai, and Bizo

That’s right – there’s more. Soon you’ll be able to effortlessly integrate Woopra with Eloqua, BlueKai, and LinkedIn’s Bizo. Stay tuned to learn more about these apps and make sure to request any others you would like to see in the meantime.

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