The Power of Dynamic Labels

Woopra’s Labels allow you to easily define and save user segments based on the behavioral and demographic data you have on your users. Once a Label is saved, you can use it throughout Woopra’s entire platform as well as with many of our third party AppConnect integrations.


Real-time Segmentation

Woopra’s Labels are incredibly powerful because they allow you to segment your users in real-time. That is, within milliseconds.

Labels are completely dynamic in that they will update in real-time based on user behavior. For example, if you set up a Label to segment all users who are in the US and currently on trial, as soon as a new user fits this criteria, they will be added to the segment. Similarly, as soon as a user no longer meets the criteria for a Label, they will be dynamically removed from the segment.

Real-time dynamic Labels mean you can simply define your criteria and then forget about it – Woopra will do all the work for you and make sure your segments are always up to date.

Empower All Your Tools

Woopra’s intelligent real-time segmentation and Labels mean you can use Woopra as a segmentation engine for the other tools you use. For example, with the Optimizely integration, you can dynamically personalize content based on user behavior. Similarly, you can use one of the live chat integrations to trigger a chat invitation when a user shows strong buying signals.

You can also sync your Labels with audiences across your favorite DMPs and DSPs. We’re in the process of launching our first DSP integration with BlueKai (coming soon) which will allow you to push your behavioral segments into BlueKai categories.

And if you want to do something completely custom? Just use the “run script” or webhook option to trigger any action based on user behavior. For example, you can trigger a snippet of custom Javascript whenever a top spender is browsing.

Creating Your Labels

When creating your Labels, think of your important user segments. Which users do you want to be able to spot immediately? Which segments do you want to target actions to?

Labels will allow you to save and instantly implement your defined segments, making it easy to use segmentation throughout Woopra.

For example, if you want to pull up a list of trial users in the UK, all you have to do is select the Label from a dropdown. Similarly, if you want to segment any analytics, funnel, or retention report, you can easily do so by simply selecting the Label from the dropdown. And finally, targeting actions based on user behavior couldn’t be easier – simply select one of your Labels and then choose from the available actions, such as prioritizing a help desk ticket.

Label Ideas by Business Type

Woopra is designed to be customizable and is used by many types of businesses. This applies to Labels as well, meaning you can tailor your Labels to suit your exact needs. To get started, we’ve listed a few suggestions for some common business types.

Label Suggestions for SaaS:

  • Most active users
  • At-risk users
  • Top accounts
  • Trial users
  • Personas based on feature usage

For more ways to use Woopra for SaaS, check out our SaaS solutions.

Label Suggestions for E-Commerce:

  • Top spenders
  • Frequent buyers
  • Frequent browsers
  • Recent purchasers
  • Personas based on types of products purchased

For more ways to use Woopra for e-commerce, check out our e-commerce solutions.

Label Suggestions for Travel:

  • Frequent searchers
  • Frequent flier status
  • First, Business, or Economy traveler
  • Personas based on types of travel (e.g. business, tourism, etc.)

For more ways to use Woopra for travel, check out our travel solutions.

Label Suggestions for Gaming:

  • Player level
  • Top in-game purchasers
  • Inactive players

For more ways to use Woopra for gaming, check out our gaming solutions.

Label Suggestions for Automotive:

  • Frequent browsers
  • Current owners and lessees
  • Recently requested quote
  • Personas based on type of car (e.g. luxury, family, etc.)

For more ways to use Woopra for automotive, check out our automotive solutions.

Want to learn more about Labels and Woopra’s other powerful features? Check out our video series.

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