Getting the Most Out of Woopra’s Productivity Apps

One of the most important analytics practices is making data and insight available to the people who need it, when they need it. Even with smaller teams, and especially with larger ones, this can become quite time consuming and disorganized.

For that reason, we’ve built several productivity apps within Woopra’s AppConnect that will help your team stay updated with minimal effort.

Automate Report Sharing

Often times, a small team is primarily responsible for managing certain analytics responsibilities, yet that insight is important to a wider group within the organization. While anyone with a login can access the reports, it can be more efficient to automatically put reports in a centralized location.

Woopra’s Box and Dropbox apps allow you to automatically upload reports into specified folders and seamlessly share them with team members. These reports will be uploaded at scheduled intervals, making it effortless to keep teams updated on key insights.

Because AppConnect allows you to easily integrate data from many other tools with Woopra, you can also use the Box and Dropbox apps to share reports on those tools. For example, if you are using one of Woopra’s email marketing apps, you could share a report on email opens.

Try it yourself by sharing:

  • Your conversion funnel report with your CRO team
  • Subscription update reports with your executive team
  • Campaign reports with your marketing team
  • Referrer reports with your PR firm
  • Feature usage reports with your dev team

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Some insights need to be received immediately in real-time, rather than monthly, weekly, or even daily. For example, your support team should know in real-time if a customer is receiving multiple error messages, rather than at the end of the day.

For these types of notifications, Woopra has built integrations with tools like Hipchat, Flowdock, and Slack. These apps allow you to receive real-time Notifications from Woopra directly within the communications channel your team is already using. For example, in HipChat, you can automatically receive Woopra Notifications to the specific and relevant channels in real-time.


Try the apps yourself by setting up Notifications to alert:

  • Your dev team channel whenever an error message is received by a user
  • Your sales team channel whenever an upgrade or downgrade takes place
  • Your marketing team channel whenever an important conversion event takes place
  • Your support team channel whenever a user experiences an error

What other productivity apps would you like to see? Let us know by requesting them via the form available at the bottom of AppConnect and we’ll add them to our queue.

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