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Should digital analytics today look the same as it did 10 years ago?

The digital landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade. The web itself has transformed, we’ve seen the rise of mobile, and marketing to and servicing customers has been reinvented.

In response, the industry developed analytics tools to measure and optimize each additional channel, all of which have become commodities today. But aren’t each of these channels really just pieces of the same puzzle?

Analytics Industry Evolution

The same customer may interact with you via your website, mobile app, email marketing, help desk, live chat, and many other touch points – the average company today uses 7 different tools. Each of these interactions is a piece of the customer journey, and should be measured not only on its own, but also as a whole.

Enter AppConnect

AppConnect was conceived out of a need for companies to see the whole picture of customer engagement, rather than its individual and separate pieces.

With AppConnect, you can easily sync data with dozens of tools in just a few minutes and without a single line of code. We have built apps that integrate Woopra with email marketing tools, CRMs, help desks, live chat tools, survey tools, and more.


Each app functions slightly differently, but they all serve to unite your customer activity data so that you can create better customer experiences.

There are three key areas of Woopra where you will see the impact of your installed apps:

  • Customer Profiles
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Automations

Customer Profiles

When you install apps, you will notice that events from the apps are tracked in your Woopra Customer Profiles.


For example, we can see in the above Customer Profile, that Annie has received an email from our MailChimp campaign, engaged in an Olark live chat with a support rep, and later opens a Zendesk support ticket. With a traditional web or mobile analytics tool, this data is simply not available, despite these interactions being very important touch points in Annie’s customer journey.

Real-time Analytics

This complete set of data that incorporates customer interactions from your various tools is then reflected in your Woopra analytics suite. You can now measure the long-term effects of your initiatives as well as how one activity may impact another.

Until now, you have been primarily limited to measuring “micro-funnels”, which are short-term conversions of a single tool. For example, the number of people who receive, open, and click an email. With AppConnect, you can measure “macro-funnels”, which are longer-term engagements that span touch points along the customer journey.

You can now measure from the time a person shows up as an anonymous user, all the way through the initial sales and marketing process, to conversion to a customer, and then supporting, cross-selling, and up-selling them along the way.

You may want to answer questions like:

  • Is customer support actually improving my customer retention? (Answer this by installing one of Woopra’s help desk apps, such as Zendesk or Freshdesk)
  • How is my drip campaign impacting my conversion rate and customer engagement in the long-term? (Answer this by installing one of Woopra’s email marketing apps, such as Marketo, or
  • Do customers who respond to survey questions with certain answers convert better than others with different answers? (Answer this by installing one of Woopra’s survey apps, such as Qualaroo or SurveyMonkey)

The only way to truly measure and optimize your company’s customer experience is by having a complete set of data that incorporates customer activity across touch points – AppConnect enables you to do this.


Many of the apps will enable you to leverage this complete set of data to trigger highly targeted actions in your tools. For example, you could automatically:

  • Prioritize help desk tickets for top-of-the-funnel users who are highly engaged, in order to support more engaged users faster
  • Introduce live chat sessions to new users who have explored a certain product in depth, in order to limit chat resources to those who have a high propensity to buy
  • Add less engaged customer to targeted drip campaigns, in order to re-engage specific customers based on their behavior

These example, and the many other automations enabled by AppConnect, allow you to use your data to create better customer experiences across touch points.

Check out the webinar below for more information as well as a Q&A session.

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