Introducing Woopra’s Biggest Upgrade Yet: AppConnect

Most companies we work with at Woopra have pieces of customer interaction data scattered across many tools. From email automation, to live chat clients, CRMs to support platforms, companies interact with and engage users in so many ways from so many different sources.

What if we could bring all of that data together into a single place?

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the next stage in Woopra’s evolution: AppConnect.


Some of you are already familiar with AppConnect because you have been Beta testing it. We deeply appreciate your participation and feedback. Thank you from our entire team.

What is AppConnect?

With Woopra, you already had the ability to track and identify users across channels, such as your website and mobile app, using our SDKs. However, you probably interact with customers using more than just these channels. This is where AppConnect comes in.

AppConnect offers code-free integrations between Woopra and other tools in a matter of seconds. It allows you to simultaneously track, analyze, and take action on customer data across touch points, such as web, mobile, email, chat, and more.

Most of the integrations in AppConnect help you sync data between Woopra and other tools. AppConnect’s tight integrations with CRMs, help desks, email automation systems, live chat tools, and more, allow you to take control of your data, centralizing it in a single platform.

Many of the integrations also enable you to leverage Woopra’s real-time customer data and deep segmentation to trigger automated actions in other tools.

AppConnect unites your customer data. Companies are now able to use Woopra as a hub for customer data and also as an engine to drive better and more relevant customer experiences.

Check out the video below for a quick overview of AppConnect.

The Power of AppConnect

AppConnect gives you the power to take control of your customer data in a way that is unique to your business and the tools you use.

Email Effectiveness & Engagement

Email is one of the most critical customer touch points that nearly every company uses. AppConnect gives companies the power to gain a truly complete view of their users by syncing email data in the same centralized place as the data from other customer touch points. Companies now have a way to measure the long-term effectiveness and engagement of their email campaigns.

Knox Payments, a payments service for merchants, uses the Mandrill app on Woopra’s AppConnect to measure email engagement in a central hub. “The Woopra Mandrill app makes it possible to see all of our intelligence in one place, cutting down significantly on the time expended to understand user interaction with both Knox’s product and communication,” says Taylor Jones, lead product designer at Knox Payments.

Support, Service, & Customer Success

Most companies employ some form of online support and service, through help desks, live chat tools, and other channels. These interactions are some of the most engaging experiences a company can have with their users. Yet, this data is often the most scattered. AppConnect enables companies to make the critical connection between their service activities and their analytics.

For example, you can use the Zendesk app on Woopra’s AppConnect to track when new tickets are created. The company can also automatically change the priority status of a customer’s ticket based on the user’s behavior.



Some of the apps give you the power to improve your team’s productivity and communication by using Woopra’s Triggers to make sure everyone is updated on customer activity and KPIs.

For example, you can use the Flowdock app to receive real-time Notifications within a specified flow. Ville Saarinen, from Flowdock’s marketing and development team, says, “Not only can you react to your customers’ activities in real-time, but thanks to Flowdock’s team inbox and threaded conversations, you can have in-context discussions about what should be done. Communicate effectively with your team, no matter where you are.”

Similarly, MovieLaLa, a social network for movie lovers, uses the Slack app on Woopra’s AppConnect to notify their product team whenever a user has a failed signup attempt. Based on these real-time Notifications, MovieLaLa was able to quickly diagnose and fix a usability issue that was preventing signups.

Learn More About AppConnect

AppConnect is one of the most powerful instruments your company can have. It gives you control of your customer data and the means to create better customer experiences without a single line of code. Take a look at what VentureBeat had to say.

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