Announcing Woopra and e-Spirit Partnership: Real-time Personalization

We’ve partnered with e-Spirit, the company behind the FirstSpirit CMS, to bring real-time personalization to some of the world’s leading companies! The FirstSpirit CMS is used by industry leaders like Speedo, KLM, Nintendo, and many others.

Why Is Personalization So Important?

Here’s a personal story.

The other day I was searching for an LED cloth (I know, a strange product), when I found a Google search result from eBay that looked like exactly what I wanted. When I clicked on the result, I expected to be taken directly to that page, but instead I was taken to a page that listed hundreds of products. I tried finding the product that had so perfectly matched my search, but because there was so much content, I couldn’t find it and I eventually left the site and bought the cloth elsewhere.

With content personalization, eBay could prominently display the content that matched my keyword. If they had done that, I would have bought the product. Instead, I left because it was too difficult to even find the content I was looking for – although I knew it was somewhere on their site.

Similarly, you could personalize content based on:

  • A person’s location: A national retailer could highlight stores and events in the person’s area
  • A person’s past history on your site: An online publisher could highlight articles that are relevant to the categories (lifestyle, sports, etc.) the person has read in the past
  • Whether a person is new or returning: A company may choose to offer special promotions to first time customers, or discounts to repeat buyers

These are just a few examples of what companies can do with personalized content. You can also combine several factors to create more highly targeted personas.

How Does the Integration Work?


The integration combines Woopra’s customer tracking and analysis, allowing the user to define customer personas by automatically syncing Woopra’s Labels, with FirstSpirit’s CMS, which then allows the user to define custom content based on customer personas. Here’s an excerpt from e-Spirit’s press release:

In contrast to most Web analytics tools that focus on pageviews, Woopra’s cloud-based platform takes a customer-centric, real-time approach to give a true understanding of customer behavior. Online marketers can then use these insights to make changes and improve website performance over time. Integration with FirstSpirit takes this a major step further by giving website visitors exactly the content that’s most relevant for them, optimizing content during a single live session.

The press release also goes on to describe an example of how some companies are using this:

One of the challenges for many organizations is delivering personalized content based on the channel the website visitor is coming from, such as mobile or social media outlets. The new integrated solution makes this much easier. From within FirstSpirit editors first define personas linked to Woopra analytics and then assign content for any target group from pull down menus. From there, FirstSpirit’s multi-channel publishing features dynamically deliver the right content for the channel. The result is flexible and adaptive personalization that is fast to implement and simple to manage.

What This Means for the Industry

Personalization was something companies could sometimes do before, but it was often prohibitively difficult and messy to implement. With this integration, the process has been streamlined so that implementation is straightforward and simplified. Here’s what e-Spirit’s Vice President of Marketing, Oliver Jaeger, has to say about it:

“Our partnership with Woopra demonstrates the advantages of our best-of-breed strategy for creating an innovative and flexible digital marketing hub around FirstSpirit. Because of the ease of integrating Web-based solutions with FirstSpirit, we were able to quickly achieve a significant advance in real-time content personalization by partnering with an industry leader and taking advantage of their proven technology.”

Similarly, Woopra CEO, Elie Khoury, commented:

“By making this data actionable in real-time, companies can have the type of 1:1 dialog with their audience that improves conversion rates, but until now has been difficult to achieve.”

For more information about the integration, please visit e-Spirit’s information page about the integration and don’t hesitate to reach out!

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