Announcing Woopra + Zendesk

We’ve partnered with our friends at Zendesk to release the Woopra for Zendesk app! This integration brings Woopra’s Customer Profiles directly to your Zendesk account.

Imagine this. You receive a support ticket from a frustrated, on-the-brink-of-canceling customer:

Hi Jake,

We’re still having problems implementing the new feature. We don’t know what is wrong. Can you please help?


Unfortunately Sarah doesn’t give you much to go on. Which feature is she talking about? What has she tried?

Now you’re frustrated and terrified of losing Sarah as a customer. You’re going to have to go back and forth with Sarah, asking her questions, trying to understand what she did in the app so you can even just begin to resolve her issue.

By combining Zendesk’s easy to use helpdesk software with Woopra’s deep insight into user behavior, troubleshooting a support ticket like Sarah’s becomes a whole lot easier. The app will help you improve resolution times and provide a higher level of support to your users so that customers like Sarah don’t cancel.

And because Woopra’s entire platform is real-time, support reps will always have the most up to date information while assisting users.

Don’t be surprised if your once frustrated support reps become more like this:


How It Works

The Woopra and Zendesk integration helps companies better assist their users by giving them visibility into exactly what users have done on their website or app.

By embedding Woopra’s Customer Profiles directly within Zendesk, support reps can immediately understand a user’s behavior in order to troubleshoot quickly and without burdening the user with unnecessary questions and delays.

Woopra Zendesk App

The Woopra integration adds the behavioral data layer to Zendesk. It removes the hurdle support reps face when they do not know what a user has done, and therefore do not know how to help them. This additional layer of customer insight helps support reps do their jobs faster and better.

How to Use It

The use cases for support teams are endless. You can do so much with the Woopra for Zendesk app, such as:

  • Granular and customized tracking of user behavior allows support reps to troubleshoot why a user may be facing a certain issue without having to ask the user unnecessary questions
  • Woopra’s ability to track when a user receives an error allows support reps to quickly spot where the user got stuck and what exactly happened
  • The app provides support reps with information about a user’s overall engagement, helping reps spot accounts that are at-risk of churning so they can proactively step in

How to Get It

The new app is available via the Zendesk Marketplace. Set up is extremely simple – all you need to do is retrieve the name of your website or project on Woopra.

Please note that you must have or create a Woopra account in order to use the app.

What’s Next

Soon we’ll be rolling out a new update to Woopra which will add more functionality to this app. Look out for the announcement on the blog!

As always, we welcome your feedback! Let us know how you like the app and any suggestions you have. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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