5 Startups to Watch from Ad:tech SF

We recently had the opportunity to demo at ad:tech as part of the conference’s Startup Spotlight Series. While there, we met a lot of other startups and discovered some amazing technology that is going to influence the marketing and advertising space over the next years.

We thought we’d share five of the startups we think marketers should be watching this year. Some of these startups are still in Beta or have barely launched, so consider yourself one of the first people to get a look at their exciting technology!

1. Fuisz


We all know video is a big part of advertising’s future and Fuisz is poised to help marketers create direct purchase opportunities from this form of content. Their patented technology makes it possible for viewers to click on products in a video and be redirected to more content about the item.

Take a look at the video Fuisz made with YouTube star Cassey Ho to see what we mean:

2. Ditto


Like Fuisz, Ditto helps marketers make use of another type of media – photos. Their photo analytics helps companies discover photos that contain their brand images.

Think about how many consumers out there are sharing photos that contain your brand images, yet you have no idea. Ditto finds them for you and then lets you use this data to spot influential brand ambassadors and manage photo-centric campaigns.

The video below takes you through Ditto’s impressive technology as it could be used for Adidas:

3. Smartsy


Smartsy is helping marketers bridge the gap between the physical and online worlds. Their visual recognition software allows users to simply scan a package, print ad, or other visual using their phone in order to launch a branded digital experience.

For example, at ad:tech, Smartsy created a hypothetical campaign for MeowMix. In the campaign, users could scan the logo on a bag of MeowMix and be automatically taken to a MeowMix experience that included cat videos and song (if you’re a cat lover like me, then you understand how exciting this is).

Smartsy’s impressive technology is even being leveraged by other companies. French company Zoomdle enables magazine readers to scan items they see in print in order to be directed to the online retailer where they can buy the items. Zoomdle uses Smartsy’s technology to power the app’s key technology – visual recognition. Here’s a video demonstrating Zoomdle’s app:

4. Keepskor


What marketer doesn’t know the power games have to engage customers and prospects? Keepskor makes it possible for companies to easily build brand-centric games that capitalize on their existing social audiences to increase engagement, reach, and brand loyalty. What we really like about this technology is that it’s designed to put the power of game creation directly in the hands of marketers.

Here’s an example screenshot of a brand game that can be created using Keepskor:

Keepskor Screenshot

5. Rockerbox


logoRockerbox helps companies reach customers via ads at the exact right moment. That is, when the customer is in the right frame of mind to potentially purchase from you. Rockerbox does this by analyzing the customer’s present behavior – not the content they’ve consumed in the last days, week, or month.

For example, say you’ve just spent 10 minutes browsing sweaters online. It wouldn’t make sense to show you an ad for marketing software in that moment as you’re not in the right frame of mind to make or even explore that kind of purchase. On the other hand, you would probably be interested in an ad for another apparel purchase.

Rockerbox has found that targeting ads in this way has helped brands lift ad-driven conversions – and we’re not surprised! Reaching the customer with the right message at the right time is the key to effective marketing.

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