Success Story: PowToon, 1 Million Users and Counting

A previous version of this post stated that PowToon had 735K users. We’ve just been informed that PowToon has passed the 1 Million mark today! Congratulations to our awesome clients!

PowToon is a hot startup, gaining an enormous amount of traction. They have 1 Million users who have created 1.9 Million PowToons – and the company is still in Beta!PowToon Logo

PowToon allows users to very easily create animated videos and presentations. Marketers, education professionals, and many other end users can quickly make professional grade materials with PowToon.

PowToon actually found Woopra when they were looking for a marketing automation tool to help them better engage with their customer base. After evaluating a number of tools, the PowToon marketing team chose Woopra, which had been recommended to them by their CTO.

Although Woopra is not primarily used as a marketing automation tool, many of its features can be used on their own or combined with outside marketing automation tools for an even better experience.

Needless to say, the Woopra team was excited to work with a company experiencing this level of growth.


1. Visibility Into User Behavior

PowToon needed to better understand their users’ behavior and what they were doing on the website and application. Due to this lack of visibility, the company didn’t know where to direct their development and marketing beyond gut instinct. Although they were using Google Analytics, even their outside PPC consultant was often struggling to tie campaigns back to customers who bought too far down the road.

2. Disparate, Disconnected Tools

PowToon uses various tools, like Uservoice (support) and (email marketing), to engage with their customers. They wanted a central place to integrate all their different customer data sources while also incorporating behavioral tracking. They wanted to understand how their different tools affected user behavior and conversions. For example, they didn’t understand who was submitting tickets and what they had done in the app. The team found that they continued to ask questions that they simply could not answer.

3. Generic User Engagement

The team at PowToon was looking to engage with customers in a highly targeted and relevant way. They wanted a system that would allow them to automatically react in real-time to different customer behaviors. For example, they wanted to take real-time action on the website to show specific customer groups a targeted reward or promotion, rather than show a generic message to everyone.

The Solution

1. Individual User Data

Using Woopra’s deeply integrated Customer Profiles, PowToon can now get an individual-level view of the activity on their site and application. Daniel Glickman, Head of Marketing at PowToon, says, “Woopra has a very unique feature where you can follow the users very well. It’s done in a way that I’ve never seen before. And in a way where we can experience things with the users.”

2. A Central Point Connecting All Their Tools

PowToon collects data from various sources and puts it into Woopra. The company then builds out customer segments, analytics, and funnel reports to optimize their business. They are able to understand and improve conversions, measure campaign performance, and answer questions like “How long does it take a user to unsubscribe from our emails?”

1. Customizable, Real-Time User Engagement

PowToon chose Woopra largely for the system’s actionability, which allowed them to trigger real-time actions, such as targeted promotions, based on customers’ activity. PowToon found that other tools were either only focused on analytics reporting and/or would only allow them to integrate with other systems. Woopra’s flexibility, on the other hand, enabled PowToon to not only integrate with other systems, but also trigger custom Webhooks and Javascript. In addition, because Woopra’s Triggers are all real-time, PowToon could enable on-site actions to interact with customers live. For example, the screenshot below shows a targeted Cyber Monday promotion they ran.

PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative 2013-12-16 09-35-37

Setting up this type of promotion was quite simple for the PowToon marketing team. They used Woopra’s Triggers to select the user segment and triggering event, and then entered the JavaScript they wanted to run.

Woopra Trigger PowToon

The Outcome

3. Identifying Highest Value Segments

After implementing Woopra, PowToon was able to use their understanding of customer behavior to know which segments provide what kind of value to the company. Many of the big questions they used to ask themselves – for example, what are the touchpoints that lead a user to buy? – are now easily answered with Woopra.

2. Higher ROI on Campaigns

PowToon is now able to hone in on campaigns and understand what’s working and what needs improvement. When they shared Woopra with their PPC consultant who had been having difficulty with Google Analytics, he could finally see who came from which campaign and if they bought at any given point in time, even if it was far down the road. They can even hone in and see the customers’ specific behavior.

3. Improved Sales

Finally, what every company hopes to get out of a new tool is increased profitability. PowToon saw their sales go up as a direct result of the targeted on-site messages they were able to show their users via Woopra. As Daniel Glickman said:

We are really growing with Woopra now.

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