Success Story: Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers

What could be more idyllic than living on a pristine tropical island? Hawaii Life Real Estate helps home buyers make this dream come true. The company even has a popular television series on HGTV, called Hawaii Life, to show off these dream homes and communities, highlighting their exceptional business capabilities.


The company provides a search engine for all Hawaii properties listed for sale on a main website, along with dozens of individual realtor websites. Interested buyers, prospective sellers and real estate gawkers alike flock to the Hawaii Life website to peruse the beautiful homes that are up for sale in paradise.


1. Hawaii Life had limited insight into what potential buyers were doing on their website.

2. Hawaii Life had to sort through huge influxes of website traffic thanks to their show on HGTV. While many of the website visitors were truly interested in purchasing, a large portion of them were simply visiting to look at the beautiful homes. Hawaii Life needed a way to identify the real buyers so that they could focus their efforts there.

3. Hawaii Life’s website provides a number of features that enable customers to easily search for the properties that meet their criteria. However, the company found that many visitors were not taking advantage of all the website features Hawaii Life had invested in.


1. Hawaii Life implemented Woopra and deployed the Woopra for Salesforce app to 160 agents. The app enabled realtors to gain full visibility into how their leads were engaging with their website. They could now identify the highly engaged visitors who came to the site regularly or repeatedly viewed the same listing, indicating they were serious about buying. They could also see which listings existing leads were viewing and what they were searching for.

“The data provides us with great insights about what the customer is really looking for… Having the customer’s website activity profile embedded in our Salesforce Contact detail page keeps it all in one easy to use interface, without having to jump between applications.”
- Brad Haeger, Director of Customer Relations, Hawaii Life

2. Hawaii Life leveraged the insight they had from Woopra to build a customer ranking system based on customer activity. Because they could now quantify how engaged each visitor was, Hawaii Life was able to cut through the noise and prioritize leads.

3. Hawaii Life used Woopra to track and analyze all of the user behavior on their website. Using multiple analytics reports, the company was able to understand exactly how visitors were engaging on their website.


1. Now that agents know how potential buyers are engaging with the website and which listings they are interested in, the Realtors are better equipped to close deals. The ability to access this insight directly within Salesforce Contact records made it easily accessible to all 160 agents.

2. Hawaii Life is now able to focus on the website visitors with the highest potential. Brad Haeger, Hawaii Life’s Director of Customer Relations, says that in turn, the company has been able to “capture an increased loyalty and conversion rate.”

3. Since implementing Woopra, the company has gained a deep understanding of how visitors are using their website. This has enabled Hawaii Life to fine tune their user interface design in order to guide customers to the beneficial feature their website provides.

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