Announcing Results Filter: Search Within Your Report Results

Today we pushed a new feature to the Woopra web app that will allow you to quickly and easily search through report results.

That is, when you run a report and want to see only certain results, such as URLs that contain a certain word, you can use this feature to filter out only those results.

How To Use The Feature

When you pull up a report, you’ll notice that there is now a box directly above the report results. Simply use this drop-down to filter through the results.

Filter Results

Why Can’t I Do This With Segmentation Filters?

The segmentation filters (i.e. those you define at the top of the report such as those shown in the below screenshot) define the population you are running the report on. When you set those filters, Woopra extracts the segment of people you’ve defined and then runs the report on them.


However, if you would like to filter out specific items from the report results, you can now simply use this new feature to do so.

Advanced Result Filtering

If you would like to filter out specific groups based on sibling properties in an action, enterprise customers can build custom reports (e.g. you may want to run a report on page titles where the url contains /blog/)

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