Woopra for Magento Plugin: Instant E-Commerce Analytics

Today we’re thrilled to share the Woopra Magento plugin! This plugin will make it possible for Magento users to get setup with Woopra instantly.Magento Woopra

All of the events, properties, and schema you would normally need to customize will be automatically tracked and set up through the plugin. This means you’ll have analytics reports, filtering capabilities, and more tailored specifically for e-commerce.

E-Commerce Analytics Reports

The plugin will automatically generate a number of e-commerce analytics reports, including:

Checkout Success Report

This report shows you the amount of revenue you’ve generated from successful checkouts by week this year.

Magento Checkout Success Report

Note that clicking on the “People” column will reorganize the report so that the chart displays the total number of people who have completed successful checkouts by week this year, rather than the amount of revenue.

Add to Cart Report

This report displays the number of people who have added products to their cart by day over the last 30 days.

Magento Product Added to Cart

Add to Cart by Product Report

From this report you can understand which products are most added to shopping carts.

Magento Product to Cart by Product

E-Commerce Segmentation

Via the plugin, you will also be able to segment reports and build lists of customers based on specific e-commerce criteria, including:

  • Lifetime sales
  • Lifetime orders
  • Cart items
  • Cart total
  • Wishlist items
  • Wishlist total
  • Added coupon
  • Reviewed product
  • And much more

E-Commerce Customer Profiles

Your Woopra customer profiles will show the activity of your e-commerce customers so that you can observe their behavior and better assist them.

In the example below, we can see that Don Draper read a product review for the iPhone 5, added the iPhone 5 to compare, then added the iPhone 5 to his cart. He then estimated shipping and logged out without completing his purchase.

Magento Customer Profile

E-Commerce Funnels & Retention

You will be able to use the e-commerce events that are automatically tracked via the plugin as goals in your funnel and retention analyses.

E-Commerce Funnel Report

For example, you could set up a funnel with the following steps:

  1. Add product to cart
  2. Complete checkout shipping address
  3. Complete checkout payment method
  4. Successful checkout

Magento E-Comm Funnel

E-Commerce Retention Report

Similarly, you can create an e-commerce retention report that shows you for how long after a customer creates an account, they continue to come back to your e-commerce store:

Magento Returns After Purchase Retention Report

Get The Plugin

To access the Woopra Magento plugin, install it from Magento Connect.

Get The Plugin

The installation and user guide can be found here. If you need any help implementing the plugin, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@woopra.com.

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