Merging Notifications & Automations Into Triggers

Today you will notice a small change in Woopra Version 8. In an effort to simplify the user experience, we’ll be merging the Notifications and Automations features into a single feature called “Triggers”.

You will continue to have the exact same functionality as before, but within a simplified interface that will make it easier for you to leverage your triggers for multiple purposes.

How Triggers Work

The Trigger feature will allow you to define one trigger and then simply select (using the checkboxes) which actions you would like it to set off.


For example, you may define a trigger for whenever someone signs up to your service, as shown in the screenshot above. Now, you can choose to receive a notification (e.g. a notification email to your sales team), run a script (e.g. a script to display a welcome message), or any of the other options whenever someone signs up. You will simply choose the actions by selecting them with the checkboxes and then defining them.

In the past, you would have been required to create a new Notification or Automation for each type of action. With this update you will no longer need to recreate the trigger for each action.

How To Access Triggers

The Triggers feature can be found by clicking the gears button towards the bottom of the sidebar in the Woopra web app. You can then select “Triggers” from the menu at the top and use the editor to define the Trigger.

Please see the Triggers documentation for more information on how to create your Trigger. Or, email us at if you have any questions.

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