How Do You Convert Free Trial Users?

Many SaaS companies have adopted the free trial model as a strategy to attract new customers. The idea is to get users to first try your product so that they can experience the value firsthand and then ultimately become a paying user.

But how do you ensure that users do see the value so that they convert? Optimizing that critical free trial period is key.

1. Measure & Optimize Adoption Milestones

Begin by listing the key milestones a user should take to start seeing value from your product. Once you have that in place, measure the entire funnel to see which milestones are creating the most friction. That is, at what point are the most customers dropping off?

Once you know the main problem area, you’ll need to start exploring solutions to optimize it. Here’s a real example straight from us here at Woopra.

In order to use Woopra, you must add a snippet of JavaScript to your website or application, which allows Woopra to track your customers. We noticed that we had a big drop off at this “Add Code” milestone of our funnel. Once we realized many customers were dropping off at this step, we implemented a number of measures to optimize it, the first of which was sending users who did not add the code an email offering assistance and resources.

We saw results immediately. This single email improved conversions at this milestone in the funnel by 65% within just 1 week, which in turn resulted in a 65% increase in trial conversions.

2. Engage Inactive Users

Monitoring product usage isn’t limited to optimizing adoption milestones. You should also be monitoring how active each free trial user is overall. Inactivity is one of the biggest signs that you’re about to lose a potential customer as it means that the customer is no longer engaged.

Customer Analytics Product Usage Danger Zone

You can remedy this situation by re-engaging the customer through a helpful email or by having a customer success or sales rep call them directly.

Woopra Pro Tip: Create a Label for all your free trial users so that you can easily monitor their engagement. To do this, you’ll need to send their free trial status as a visitor property. You will then use the filters in the Label editor to define the segment as “users who are on free trial”.

3. Be Personal

Trial users are new and therefore aren’t that engaged with your company yet, so they won’t be as inclined as existing customers to open emails you send or return calls you make. However, a personal message will go a long way in this situation.

In all of your customer engagements, whether it be an email or a phone call, make sure you approach the customer in a personal and relevant way. That means you should understand how the trial user has been engaging with your product, if they’re actively using it, and how they’re using it before you even pick up the phone or begin to draft an email. This insight allows you to optimize your customer interactions.

In order to accomplish this, customer-facing teams, like sales and support, require access to customer behavioral insight. Integrating customer profiles directly into the CRM the teams are already using makes it readily available and more likely for them to use.

Woopra Salesforce Integration

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