Woopra Version 8.0 Beta: Bespoke Analytics, Built for Your Business

One size fits all doesn’t work when it comes to analytics. Each company has specific needs and therefore wants to track and analyze different types of data that are important to them. However, that doesn’t mean you want to waste time and resources on a single custom report that will take weeks for someone to generate for you. Enter Woopra.

Today we’re thrilled to announce the release of Woopra Version 8.0 Beta which has been designed to automatically create a native experience for users based on information you define during setup.

Analytics Made For Your Business

As most of you already know, Woopra allows you to track custom events and custom visitor data. For example:

  • Custom Events: A custom event can be any action you wish to track, such as “sign up”, “play video”, or “add item to cart”.
  • Custom Visitor Data: Custom visitor data can be any kind of information about your customers that you would like to integrate into Woopra. This can be email address, company, title, gender, age, etc.

When you track this custom data, you also need to tell Woopra how to read it. You do this by defining each piece of custom data in your schema.

Now, in Version 8.0 Beta, once you set up your schema, everything else will be pre-generated, from custom reports to activity in customer profiles, creating a near native experience for your team.

For example, say you track “payment” as a custom event. Once you define the schema for the custom event “payment”, Woopra will automatically create custom analytics reports for you that will allow you to analyze how many payments were made, the total amounts paid, the total amounts paid for different packages or products, and more.

Revenue Report

Unlike many of the legacy analytics tools, with Version 8.0 of Woopra, you can quickly and easily access these types of custom reports that are tailored for your business.

Even More Filtering Capabilities

The filters in Version 8.0 Beta have been completely rebuilt to support even more advanced segmentation. In addition, the custom events and custom visitor data you define during setup and in your schema are then pre-generated in the filters.

For example, the custom event “payment” will be pre-generated in your filters and any properties you track with that custom event, such as the payment amount or what was purchased, will also be pre-generated as filtering options.

Woopra Filters

Redesigned UI

You’ll notice that the UI has been redesigned to create a much lighter experience.

Analytics Charts

Version 8.0 Beta incorporates charts into all of your analytics reports in order to give you a visual view of your data. Depending on the report, you will see either a line or bar chart.

Woopra Analytics Charts

Drilling Down Reports

While in Version 7 you could drill down analytics reports, Version 8 now allows you to also drill down funnel and retention reports. Simply click the people icon next to the metric you’d like to break down, and Woopra will automatically display the list of customers matching that segment.

Drilldown Reports

Live Chat

We’ve removed the live chat from Version 8.0 Beta. At a later point during the Beta period, the live chat will be added as an optional add-on.

Version 7 vs. Version 8 Beta

Check out the video below to get a quick tour of what’s new in Version 8.0 Beta!

Accessing Version 8 Beta

While it’s in Beta, you will have the option to continue using the existing version or to upgrade to Version 8.0 Beta. If you choose to upgrade to Version 8.0 Beta, you can always go back to Version 7 until Version 8 is out of Beta.

We will be gradually rolling out the option to switch to Version 8.0 Beta over the next few days. You will see a button at the top right of the Woopra web app that reads “Try Woopra 8.0 Beta”. Click on this to get access to Version 8.0 Beta.

Need Help?

If you’d like to learn more about Version 8.0 Beta, please email our support team anytime at support@woopra.com or see the version 8 product manual.

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