Announcing Woopra and Partnership: Bridging The Gap Between Analytics and CRM

We’re thrilled to announce today that Woopra and have partnered to bring behavioral customer data to the CRM! The integration enables organizations to deliver customer behavioral insight directly to customer-facing teams – where they can use it.

Until today, CRMs have provided users with business data while analytics have focused on behavioral data. This leaves companies without a single, comprehensive view of the customer. The Woopra Salesforce integration bridges this gap by adding the behavioral data layer directly into the CRM.

Ron Huddleston, senior vice president, ISV & Channel,, commented:

“Woopra is helping to drive customer success within the customer data analytics market by leveraging the power of the Salesforce Platform to seamlessly integrate behavioral insight and CRM, ultimately transforming the way companies connect with their customers.”

So How Does It Work?

Woopra for Salesforce embeds a customer profile, which details every action the customer has committed on your website or application in real-time, directly within Salesforce’s lead and contact profiles. This customer behavioral insight enables customer-facing teams, such as sales and support, to instantly understand a customer’s engagement, convert trial users, spot at risk accounts, and more.

Woopra Salesforce Integration

As Omer Minkara writes in Aberdeen Group’s customer analytics report, businesses “need to be laser-focused on utilizing customer data as the key ingredient of each customer-facing activity.” Minkara found that Best-in-Class companies who centralize customer intelligence for use in customer-facing activities enjoy 3.5 times higher retention rates, 20% year over year customer lifetime value growth, and 20 times greater revenue growth on a per customer basis.

“Providing behavioral insight to customer-facing teams allows them to optimize their customer interactions,” said Elie Khoury, CEO of Woopra. “The most effective customer interactions happen when you understand your customer and their engagement, whether it be selling a new account, retaining an old one, or anything in between.”

Pricing and Availability

So how do you get your hands on this? Good news – the integration will be free during this introductory period. Just install the Woopra app via’s AppExchange, follow our setup tutorial, and you’re all set! Thanks to Salesforce’s cloud technologies, the implementation requires little more than a few clicks.

Go to Woopra on the AppExchange

Please note that you must have Woopra and Salesforce accounts in order to access the app.

For detailed installation instructions, please see the setup tutorial or email us at

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