Announcing Updated Pricing for 2013

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, we’ve spent this last year completely revamping Woopra. From the new Dashboard to the Android app, the new Retention Analytics feature to the rebuilt Customer Profiles, we’ve made Woopra an enterprise class application within an intuitive UI that rivals any consumer product, all while tracking over 400 billion actions.

Achieving this has taken thousands of hours of work by our dedicated team. This year we’ve processed over 7,000 support inquiries, facilitated integrations for more than 3,000 businesses and continue to improve the product every single day. In addition, we’ve increased our infrastructure by 5 times to support the new features and capabilities.

The result is a platform that sits as the market leader in real-time customer analytics, and one that we couldn’t be prouder of. In the next year, you can expect to continue to see the same level of innovation from our team. We have an amazing roadmap planned for Woopra.

In order to maintain all of these upgrades you’ve seen in 2012, we will be changing our pricing for the next year to better reflect the true value of the application. The new pricing will be effective starting December 5, 2012.

Important: Existing Accounts

As a courtesy to our customers, we will be grandfathering existing accounts (this includes customers who are currently on trial).

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers from whom we’ve learned so much. You are the ones who have inspired the changes we’ve implemented in 2012 as well as our roadmap for 2013. Based on your usage of Woopra and great feedback, we continue to upgrade and optimize the platform to best meet your needs.

New Plans

We’ve designed the new pricing so that there is a package that will fit all sizes of businesses, from startups to enterprises. The pricing is organized by business tier as follows:

Solo Startup Small Business Premium Enterprise
30,000 actions 1,000,000 actions 4,000,000 actions 10,000,000 actions Learn More
Free $79.95 per month $199.95 per month $499.95 per month
+$50 per extra million actions
No Agents $19.95 per agent $35.00 per agent $55.00 per agent
up to 5 agents up to 15 agents unlimited agents

Integrations & Other Services

In addition to our updated pricing, we will also be providing services like integrations, premium support levels and customized setups. Please contact us for more information on these services.

Our CEO, Elie, shares more insight into the new pricing and Woopra’s direction. If you have any further questions about the new pricing, please contact us.

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