Announcing The New Customer Profile Featuring Timelines

From the very beginning, we’ve always believed that “individuals matter” in analytics, as understanding each user’s behavior empowers you to directly take action on your insight. We were the first analytics service to bring you real-time visitor profiles and today we’re thrilled to announce the release of our brand new Customer Profiles.

This update takes customer intelligence to the next level while maintaining our high standards of user experience. It is an extension of our commitment to deliver beautifully designed yet powerful tools by bringing consumer-level UI to business software.

Behavioral Timeline

The most obvious update you will notice is the new behavioral timeline that is included in each profile. The timeline allows you to understand a customer’s entire behavioral history with your website or application in just a glimpse.

Recognizing that “important” actions vary from business to business, we’ve built the timeline to reflect custom behavior that is important to you. For example, if you’re operating a SaaS product, you may want to track sign ups, upgrades and use of specific product features as custom events.

If, however, you prefer to skip customization for now, the timelines will display behavior such as visits and pageviews right out of the box.

Tracking Users Across Multiple Devices

Let’s say a customer uses your product on their computer, then later accesses it again from their iPad. Most analytics services will count this user as two different people. We’ve built Version 7.0 of Woopra to recognize users across multiple devices in order to ensure the accuracy of your data.

Built For CRMs

To make the new profiles accessible and instantly actionable, we’ve built them to be easily embedded into CRMs, where sales and support teams often “live”. Next time your sales team wants to know how engaged a free trial customer has been with your product or which features they value most, they will be able to access this intelligence directly from the program they are already using. Behavioral data is the best way for your teams to uncover lead and customer interest, intent and engagement.

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