Why Do You Love Real-Time Stats?

This week we asked you guys on Twitter to tell us why you love real-time stats. We have customers using real-time for everything from sales to customer service to marketing.

For example, some of our customers use Woopra’s real-time stats to spot (hello Notifications!) and engage hot leads on their websites. Others use Woopra real-time stats to track their campaigns and test website changes on the spot.

Take a look below for some tweets from users who have recently shared on twitter what makes them crazy about real-time.

Some users love real-time for personalized marketing.

LLTS1: @Woopra it allows you to connect with your customers on a more personal level. Targeted marketing. I love that!

Live testing is yet another important benefit of real-time stats.

Twixmixy: Woopra is my new favorite analytics – by far! http://t.co/aFZbbPNi | More live testin this weekend. Catch you next time!

Software companies use live stats to track behavior of their users.

dmcn: @Woopra The satisfaction of seeing the software you built being used right now by people all over the world. Love it!

Publishers, like ReadWriteWeb, monitor their search keywords in real-time.

johnpaul: It’s fun to watch the real-time search engine queries come in on Woopra. Includes phrases like “cool things to learn how to do”

And some of you just love watching your website visitors and users live!

wylywade: I love watching the real-time clock on #woopra as we are adding new subscribers helping them get new jobs!!

BUXofficial: .@Woopra is crazy. I’m watching the @4WalkMe dev team troubleshoot an issue I had with the app in my review yesterday in real time. Hi guys!

digitaltrekker: I love how with Woopra you can see who is on your site live. I feel like I am looking through a key hole.

dmcn: I could spend all day looking at Woopra’s Visitors-view. Live data about every client using our software. Don’t know how I lived without it.

dictates: @Woopra is awesome, just saying. The ability to see who is on my sites, what they are looking at and how they found me is priceless.

How do you use real-time stats? Let us know in the comments below!

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