Deeper Conversion Insight with New Funnel Analytics

Funnels allow you to analyze visitors’ steps to conversion and spot the steps at which they drop off. Running this analysis helps you optimize your website and ultimately improve your conversion rates.

Today, we’re introducing a completely re-built Funnel Analytics that has been designed to help you gain deeper insight into your conversions.

Analyze Multiple Visits

While in the previous version a funnel had to be completed in one visit, the new Funnel Analytics can now run reports over multiple visits. This means that you can now study longer term funnels, such as those that take weeks or months to be completed.

For example, a website visitor may complete step 1 of your funnel on her first visit to your website, but not complete the last step until 3 months later. You can now analyze this longer term behavior for more complete insight.

Compare Segments

We have added the ability to compare relevant segments so that you can see a breakdown of conversions by any metric. Not only can you now track co-horts, but you can also compare campaigns, geo-locations and custom records.

Funnels for Custom Segments

You can now use the Woopra filters that you find in all of our other features to segment the Funnel Analytics. This allows you to run funnel analysis on any segment of visitors you define.

Time Between Goals

Lastly, we have included the average amount of time and number of visits in between in each step of the funnel. This tells you, on average, how long it takes for visitors to move from one step to the next.

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