Announcing Notification Center Support

Today we updated Woopra to take full advantage of Notification Center in OS X Mountain Lion through Safari or Google Chrome. With this new update, you will now be able to receive pop-up Notifications using Woopra’s web app. This feature was experimental on Google Chrome in the past and some of you may have been familiar with it.

Enabling Notifications

These Notifications are supported in Safari and Chrome on Mountain Lion, so you must be using one of these browsers. The first time you visit Woopra Live after upgrading to Mountain Lion, you will see a permissions dialog. If you would like Woopra to be able to send Notifications into Notification Center, click Allow.

From now on, even if Woopra is in a tab or browser window, in the background, you will be alerted by Notifications you custom configured. If you miss a Notification, Mountain Lion has you covered. Just open Notification Center by clicking its dedicated icon at the top right of your screen to see what’s been missed.

Woopra Notification

What Are Woopra Notifications?

Woopra Notifications enable you to receive custom alerts on your website activity directly to your email, desktop or mobile phone. In order to receive Woopra push Notifications to your mobile phone, you must download either the Woopra iOS app or Woopra Android app. To set up a Woopra Notification, simply select the Notifications tab in the side bar of the Woopra web app.

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