Woopra 6.0: Optimized Sharing For Your Entire Organization

Woopra Version 6.0 facilitates team access to Woopra. While in the past you were able to share a website’s Woopra account with colleagues, you now have better control over exactly how and what you share with each user.

Many of our clients have multiple teams using Woopra for different purposes. This new version makes it possible to share with many teams across different departments while maintaining control and enabling each team to focus on their individual responsibilities.

For example, you may have your customer service team providing support using Woopra’s Live Chat and visitor profile features while your analytics and marketing teams are using Woopra’s real-time analytics reporting tools to gain deep customer insight. In Version 6.0, you are able to give each team access to only the features that are relevant to them, delivering a better experience to the teams while also enabling you to maintain control.

New Agent Roles

Until now, each website on Woopra was allowed only one administrator. In Version 6.0, you can designate any number of agents as administrators. In addition, you can give agents very specific permissions, such as permission to:

  • Access Live stats
  • Access Live Chat
  • Access and search visitor histories
  • Generate Analytics Reports
  • Create automated engagements (Automations feature)

As an administrator, you will find these new Settings options within the web app at the bottom of the sidebar. Once the Settings view is open, simply select an agent to set his/her permissions.

Fine Tuned UI

You will notice that the User Interface in Version 6.0 has been subtly updated. The most important change is the clustering markers on the Live Map. The markers make it easier to quickly gauge the geographic distribution of your website visitors, especially for high traffic websites.

In addition, Woopra Version 6.0 has been optimized to support higher resolution screens on the iPad and the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Other Updates

A couple other updates in Version 6.0 include better support for IE9 as well as a new “Device Type” Analytics report and filter. The “Device Type” report and filter will segment your visitors into mobile, tablet and desktop categories. This insight is important for every website owner as the experience for each device type is quite different. The “device types” report makes it faster and easier for you to optimize for each segment of visitors.

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