Woopra iOS App Version 3.0: Seamless Mobile Experience

The Woopra iOS app is pretty amazing. Monitor your website, anywhere, anytime. Real-time dashboard and analytics tools in the palm of your hand. Receive custom push notifications on visitor behavior. It’s the ultimate tool to keep your entire team on top of your online business at all times. And it just got even better.

Higher Traffic, Faster App

In Version 3.0, the entire data model has been rebuilt to support the new Woopra protocol, which is the same protocol the web app is built upon.

So what does this mean for you? The iOS app is now optimized to handle extremely high traffic websites with reduced processing. It also means that the iOS app is even faster when loading a website and more responsive when navigating throughout the app.

While the app is processing some really big data, you would never know it from the seamless, lightning fast user experience. It’s like magic.

Chat Feature

We’ve removed the Live Chat feature from the iOS app in order to optimize the overall mobile experience. The app is now more focused on the features that deliver the most value to users while on the go.

Bugs Fixed

Lastly, Version 3.0 has taken care of a few minor bugs. The entire app experience is completely seamless in this new update, yet the app’s capabilities are as powerful as ever.

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