How Real Time Analytics and PPC Turn Time Into Money

The following post was written by Kevin Webster, a B2B internet marketing manager in the domestic manufacturing industry.

Time is money. Especially when it comes to your PPC advertising. While it’s critical to test, tweak, and massage your PPC campaigns on a regular basis, each action can have an equal and opposite reaction.

Evaluate Effectiveness with Labels

I always turn to Woopra’s real time analytics when I’m working on mission critical PPC campaigns. By labeling specific landing pages that my new PPC ads are going to, I watch that traffic closely, and look for movement against historical trends.

In general, I’ll create a no index, no follow copy of a web page, like Landing-Page-2.html that’s exactly like Landing-Page.html, and push traffic from my new ad to it. In Woopra, I then create a Label called LP2, where the filter is Landing Page Path *contains* /Landing-Page-2.html.

This label, when clicked on, will show you only traffic that hit this as the first page visited, meaning the new ad has triggered the event. So, in segmenting out these visitors, I can see what actions they take, what pages they view, and if they initiate the lead gen process by looking at one of our forms.

Track Conversions On The Spot

Getting the visitor to our website is the first step, but getting him/her to convert and engage us by filling out a lead form is the ultimate goal. Using Woopra, you can track whenever one of these visitors who came through the new ad submits the lead form by adding it as a Custom Event.

And that’s what we’re looking for. Positive and negative impacts of ad tweaking in real time. If we’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in PPC costs over hours, days, months, or a year, we still have to value each dollar like it’s EVERY dollar.

And Woopra’s real time analytics helps me do just that.

Make Changes and Move Quickly

When I was running Google Analytics exclusively, it was often the case that I had to wait a day to really understand the impact of ad tweaking. With Woopra, fixing a broken campaign early can result in new leads we potentially wouldn’t have gotten, or at the very least, significant savings of otherwise lost PPC spend.

So test with confidence. Make those changes. And know that you have the power to make even more changes the very second you think it becomes necessary. Real time is where it’s at if you’re a serious PPC marketer.

About the Author: Kevin is an internet marketing manager focusing on B2B lead generation, web analytics, and CRM implementations. He blogs at his own site, and tweets as @levelanalytics.

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