Live Chat Use Case: How to Increase Sales via One-on-One Engagement

Brick and mortar stores hire sales associates for the simple reason that it has proven to increase sales. Why should an online retailer be any different? Customers have product questions, they hesitate before making a purchase, and sometimes they just need a little nudge to pull the trigger. Let’s see what Apple’s online sales might look like with real-time analytics and Live Chat.

Example: Apple Converts PC Users

Apple is looking to convert more PC users into Apple fans in order to increase their market share. They set up a Woopra Notification to be sent to the appropriate team of sales and support representatives whenever a website visitor using a non-Apple device spends more than 15 minutes actively viewing product pages (that is, actually reading the pages, not pages left open on tabs). This visitor is considered a potential customer considering making the switch from PC to Apple.

The Apple representatives receive the Notification directly to their email or as a push notification to their iPhones using Woopra’s iOS app, and promptly send a chat request to the visitor asking if they can answer any product questions. Again, the visitor has the option to either accept or decline the chat request.

Assuming the visitor accepts the chat request, the Apple representative now has the opportunity to answer the visitor’s questions and alleviate any concerns via a non-intrusive medium. Even if the visitor doesn’t convert within the same visit, Apple has now had a chance to directly address this PC user’s needs while he/she was in the research stage, making the visitor more likely to convert in subsequent visits or at a retail location.

And, using Woopra’s real-time analytics, the Apple representative can actually see the visitor’s entire history with the Apple website as well as find out if this visitor does, in fact, return to the website again.

Brand Recognition & Relationships

While Apple is King when it comes to brand recognition, many other companies struggle with this largely intangible yet imperative goal. Directly communicating with your potential or current customers allows you to deepen your relationship with them. How much more likely are you to remember a company who you have engaged with via Live Chat? A company who asked you about your needs, took the time to learn about you as a customer and delivered a relevant solution?

Customer Insight

An often overlooked benefit of this type of sales-customer communication is the insight your company gains into customers’ needs. In addition to surveys and focus groups, these one-on-one interactions allow you to get a more personal perspective of the market. That’s not to say you should always listen to your customers (as we know Apple famously does not), but gaining deeper insight can only lead to better informed decision making.

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