Live Chat Use Case: Visitor Rescue

One of the most common uses of proactive Live Chat is to provide customer support immediately when a website visitor shows signs of confusion or frustration. An informed Live Chat request is like casting out a life saver to rescue your lost customer. Going back to my Bank of America™ example in the last post, let’s see what my experience would have looked like with a combination of Live Chat and real-time analytics.

Proactive Visitor Rescue

In order to immediately identify a lost visitor, Bank of America could use a Woopra Notification to alert via email the appropriate members of their support team whenever a website visitor receives an error message more than three times.

In my case, Bank of America’s support team would have received the Woopra Notification that I was at a roadblock within a few seconds, just as I was beginning to become frustrated. Within the Notification email, Bank of America’s support representatives could receive detailed information about me such as what size account I have, how long I’ve been a customer and much more, without having to even open Woopra.

Upon receiving the Notification indicating that I needed help, a support representative would send me a chat request asking if I would like assistance. Alternatively, Bank of America could choose to simply trigger an automated chat request rather than a request from a “real human being”. I could then choose to either decline or accept this chat request, but seeing as I was in the middle of a very frustrating situation, I would have viewed this chat request as a saving grace and accepted it immediately.

A Friendlier Alternative to Phone & Email Support

Most of us hate calling companies for support, because we assume we’ll end up talking to a machine only to spend another hour on hold. Even if it’s not actually the case, we have that mental block. Moreover, picking up the phone and dialing a support line is an extra step that, despite being simple, is off-putting to most customers.

Rather, the majority of customers will opt for email support, but even that can be frustrating because of the uncertainty of when you’ll actually receive a reply. You also wonder, will anyone really read my email?

I always look for a chat support option when I’m having trouble, but even if a company provides it, it’s often hidden somewhere and I ultimately resort to phone or email support. A proactive and timely Live Chat request is almost always a welcomed relief for a lost customer. Using a combination of real-time visitor data and Live Chat, you can effectively spot lost customers and proactively help them before they leave your website for a competitor’s. Don’t let a once happy customer take their business elsewhere.

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