Real-Time Analytics and Live Chat: “Breaking the Virtual Wall”

Woopra’s goal is to give businesses complete visibility into everything happening on their websites and then help them turn this live data into actions and results. That means not only delivering actionable insight into your data, but also providing the tools to leverage your data into real results.

One way Woopra enables you to do this is via the Live Chat feature. While the majority of major online businesses have recognized the value of Live Chat, they are just beginning to scratch the surface of its potential applications.

I recently had an experience with Bank of America’s Live Chat support after spending days trying to complete a simple transaction using online banking. I persisted for so long because I already have a bank account there, but most online businesses don’t have this luxury. Normally, if someone can’t find or do something on your website, they’ll quickly hit the back button and click the next search result on Google. Now imagine if I could have received help right away when I started having trouble — that would have made me a very happy customer.

Proactive Chat Assistance

Effectively initiating a chat with a website visitor requires the ability to see what the visitor is doing and experiencing on your site. You don’t want to chat with anyone and everyone visiting your website. Rather, you want to add value, whether that’s rescuing a lost visitor or providing sales assistance.

Live Chat is significantly more powerful when backed up by real-time customer data that enables you to identify the appropriate moments when a chat request would be welcomed by your website visitor.

Using real-time visitor data allows you to proactively chat with your website visitors rather than waiting for them to initiate a chat. Combine this with Woopra’s Notifications feature, which enables you to receive custom alerts on visitor behavior and demographics, and you have an extremely powerful tool.

Know Who You’re Chatting With

In addition to the ability to identify the correct moments to initiate a chat, real-time analytics will also give you a good understanding of who you’re chatting with. You’ll have information such as the visitor’s location, history with your website, account information and much more.

As CBS noted, Woopra’s Live Chat is “breaking the virtual wall”. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be sharing a series of use cases that describe how a strong combination of Live Chat and real-time analytics can help you proactively engage and add value for customers.

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