Woopra Plugin for Joomla: Seamless Analytics Integration with Your CMS

The following post was written by Martijn Van Vreeden, CEO of Analytics for Joomla.

In July of 2011, Joomla shared that the open-source CMS had been downloaded over 23 million times. Joomla has shown that it isn’t just used by small businesses to build their websites on, even large organizations like NASA and the US Army benefit from Joomla. There is a huge variety of websites built on the Joomla CMS.

Like any other CMS, using Joomla has some great benefits. Just have a closer look at the extension database, which contains over 7,000 different plugins and components. The integration of these plugins allow you to customize your website with some awesome features.

Analytics for Joomla has developed a Woopra plugin for Joomla, which allows you to easily track your Joomla website, and get insight into the way your users navigate your website. We try to make it possible to benefit from all of the cool features Woopra has to offer, like Facebook Like button tracking, tracking registered users in the ‘tagged users’ section and much more.

Analytics for Joomla is also built on the Joomla platform and we use Woopra to analyze traffic on our website. Over the past year we have benefited from using Woopra in many ways. We used the Label feature to get a better understanding of the type of users we have on our website. These are some of the labels we use and some cool insights they gave us.

Loyal Blog Readers

We have created a label with our most loyal blog readers. This gave us the insight that the majority of our US-based visitors are visiting our website for our plugins, not for our blog. Our most loyal blog readers are European. Blog readers from Europe have proven to share more of our blog content through Twitter than Facebook. That’s why we are now trying to write more shareable content on our blog and build our Twitter following.

PRO Plugin Downloaders

We offer an advanced plugin on our website. We get a small fee from members to use this plugin. We have learned that these members are often returning visitors before they register. Sometimes these users download our other (free) products too. Based on this insight, we have optimized our website to stimulate return visits and we are now using Google Remarketing to attract more returning visitors, based on previous behavior.

Country Label

We receive visitors and members from all over the world on our website. After using labels for different countries in Woopra, we are now able to easily see what languages our members are likely to speak. We now know that we have a large amount of users all over the world that speak Russian. Russian speaking users are always leaving our website after seeing just one or two pages. That’s why we are looking to translate some of our key pages into Russian, to optimize our website for this particular group of users.

About the author: Martijn van Vreeden is the CEO of Analytics for Joomla, the number one resource for analytics and optimization tools for Joomla. Martijn (@martijnvv) is an online marketing and web analytics specialist. Martijn is also a proud member of the DAA (Digital Analytics Association) and is an active contributor to online marketing and web analytics blogs in the Netherlands. Connect with Analytics for Joomla on Twitter or Facebook.

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