Announcing the New Woopra Dashboard

We are thrilled to release Woopra 5.0 today, which features many changes that further improve upon Woopra’s overall user experience. The most exciting of these updates is the completely rebuilt Live Dashboard.

The new Dashboard is based on the concept that dashboards are meant to be a comprehensive snapshot of key data that requires no interaction. It has been designed to display the maximum amount of information using the least amount of interaction. This means that you never have to scroll, no matter how you resize the window. Rather, you get a comprehensive view of your key stats in a single snapshot.

Easy to Use Interface

The new dashboard is an extension of Woopra’s commitment to a beautifully and intuitively designed User Interface that makes web analytics easy for anyone — from small business to enterprise, marketer to developer — to understand. It highlights the key metrics that drive business by giving users insight into things like top performing pages, best traffic referrers, and the level of visitor engagement.

One of the most important metrics displayed on the dashboard is the snapshot of key customer segments. This widget, titled “Labels” after the Woopra feature, gives users quick, real-time insight into the level of each segment’s presence on your website. These customer segments are defined by the user and customized according to their individual business needs.

Dig Deeper

In addition to the aggregate metrics, users can also “dig deeper” directly from the Dashboard to see the individual visitors that meet the criteria of a given metric.

For example, say you’re looking at your traffic referrers on the Dashboard and want to dig deeper into those coming from Twitter. With a single click, Woopra will take you to a real-time list of the specific individuals who are currently on your website from Twitter and also tell you how they are interacting with your site.

You can do this for any metric displayed on the Dashboard, including the key customer segments on the Labels widget described above.

Woopra will continue to move in this direction, with several updates over the coming months, that give our users the tools to turn live data into actions and results.

For support questions, please send the details to our Help Desk where we are always available to help you out.

Woopra 5.0.7 update:

  • FIX: Improved live visitors stream performance
  • FIX: Added back the Original Referrer
  • FIX: Open the right URL when clicking on an action URL in the visitor profile

Woopra 5.0.6 update:

  • ADD: Today summary data to dashboard
  • REMOVED: Last 10 minutes histogram
  • FIX: When clicking on the dashboard in Today mode, it will filter visitors in “Search” instead of “Live”

Woopra 5.0.5 update:

  • FIX: Live visitors not always loading when Woopra loads
  • FIX: Clicking on the map markers now displays the visitor profile
  • FIX: Replaced the tooltip on visitor status in the list view with the native browser tooltip feature
  • FIX: Company information was missing in the visitor profile
  • FIX: Custom event name and data under search

Woopra 5.0.4 update:

  • FIX: Connectivity & Icons on IE8+

Woopra 5.0.3 update:

  • FIX: Notification sounds
  • FIX: Expanded visitor now updates in real-time
  • FIX: Visitor Tagging

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