Success Story: How To Increase Conversions by 20% Using Woopra

The following post was written by Avi Cohen, CEO at Pacific54, a Miami-based online marketing agency.

Over the years we’ve used countless products, services and tools that were designed to help online marketers. However, this is the first time we wanted to share our experience using one of them. We decided to do so thanks to the direct results we saw from Woopra and the impact it had on our bottom line. After all, it’s not everyday that we stumble upon a tool that changes everything.

We run a digital marketing firm that helps online businesses optimize their websites to convert more traffic. Woopra’s dashboard helped us visualize data and answer many important questions about our clients’ visitors. Questions like:

  • Which keyword did the visitor type into a search engine that brought them to our website?
  • Where is the visitor located?
  • What pages did the visitor view and what are they looking for on our website?

Now imagine being able to capture all this information in a custom lead form that would replace the generic lead forms all of us are so used to. You know, those lead forms you receive when someone submits a Contact form on your website. With the help of Woopra’s API, we were able to gather detailed information on the visitors submitting Contact forms and automatically display it in these custom lead forms.

Take a look at the image below to better understand the differences between the old generic lead forms and our custom lead forms:

This one change improved our clients’ conversion rates dramatically. We saw an increase of 20% in conversions for a website with over 30K visitors per month. This was huge – after all, remember the ultimate goal for any online business is turning Visits -> Sales. Arming our clients with more information about their visitors than what their competition had available to them translated into huge wins and increases in sales.

About the Author: Avi Cohen is CEO at Pacific54, a Miami-based Online Marketing Agency focused on SEO, social media, and PPC. Avi’s expertise in Online Marketing has evolved from his passion for technology and his constant desire to implement innovative and, at times, unconventional approaches to increase his own productivity and the results he brings clients. Connect with Pacific54 on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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