Announcing The Woopra Android App

Say hello to Woopra’s brand new Android app!

The Woopra Android app has been designed to match the iOS app and deliver the same extensive capabilities as well as a consistent user experience. The mobile app features are truly amazing and it’s our pleasure to release the Android app for our users today.

Live Dashboard

The Android app Live Dashboard displays a comprehensive, real-time snapshot of your entire website. You can quickly understand which visitors are on your site, where they’re coming from and their activity.

Push Notifications

Like the iOS app, the Android app supports custom push Notifications to your phone. You can automatically receive Notifications on targeted visitors and their behavior.

For example, with the Android and iOS apps, you can receive a Notification each time a visitor receives an error message, so that you can resolve the issue immediately, no matter where you are. You can also receive a Notification each time you make a sale above $100, whenever a visitor submits a contact form and much more!

Live Chat

The iOS and Android apps both include Woopra’s Live Chat feature, which allows you to receive and initiate chats with your website visitors from the convenience of your mobile phone. The Live Chat feature supports both inbound and outbound chat requests.

Let’s go back to the push Notification example above. Imagine you’re travelling when you receive a Woopra custom push Notification that a visitor has received multiple error messages on your website. With the Live Chat feature, you can assist your customer immediately, resolve the issue on the spot and quickly avoid losing a sale.

Segmented Reports

The mobile apps allow you to generate real-time segmented analytics reports on the go. You can gain quick insight into your most vital stats and make informed decisions anywhere, anytime. In addition, the mobile apps give you remote access to visitor history, which you can search and filter.

The Android app has been submitted to Google Play to be released immediately. In the meantime, you can download the iOS app here.

For support questions, please send the details to so we can help you out.

Update: The Woopra Android app is now available for download on Google Play!

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