Woopra Version 4.0

Today we launched the Woopra 4.0 update which you can access as usual at http://www.woopra.com/live/. Although this may look like a minor update, we have implemented many changes which will serve as the foundation for several major features coming soon. We have also improved the overall UI to make it faster and more responsive.

Visitor Views

We have moved the Live Map from the sidebar and placed it inside the Live Visitors view. The map is now filterable and can expand to full screen mode.

We also enhanced the Live Visitors view further for better readability followed by UI enhancements in the search and chat.


Labels are now simply labels again. Notifications and automation features have been moved out of the labels to the sidebar for better flexibility and easier configuration. This move was also necessary to leverage a few big updates coming soon.

Overall, this update is an enhancement to the intuitive, user-friendly design of the Woopra web app. Look out for some more exciting updates over the next couple weeks!

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