Revamped Labels: Now More Action Packed

Woopra is disrupting the industry again by introducing more tools that enable our users to automate their businesses. Today, we’re pleased to announce the new Labels, which we’ve completely revamped with four brand new actions on top of the existing Notifications.

Get Notified on your Desktop or Mobile

Notifications have been the most wildly used feature in Woopra and we’re constantly working on making it even better. Last month, we gave you the ability to receive these Notifications on your iPhone, iPod and iPad (Android coming soon!). Now this month, we’re excited to present you with completely revamped labels that allow you to engage and interact with your visitors instantly as they navigate your site.

Automatically Add Custom Tags

You can now automate custom tagging of your visitors as they commit actions on your website. In the past you could label visitors dynamically when they commit an action on your website, but now you can also stick a permanent tag on them so that next time they visit your website, you’ll be able to spot them. For example, you would want to tag visitors whenever they purchase something on your website (Paid: $50.00). Remember that unlike Labels, Tags stick on the visitor.

Run Javascript In Your Visitor’s Browser

This is one of our favorite new features here at Woopra. Now you can automate Javascript calls on your visitor’s browser whenever they behave on your website in a certain way. How about displaying a promotion for people who came to your website 10 times but never purchased anything? Those visitors are waiting for a trigger to complete a purchase – Woopra can automate it for you!

Silently Ping Your Servers with a GET or POST HTTP(S) Request

Now Woopra can communicate with your servers: “Hey, you’ve got a very valuable customer here!”.

Send Email Notifications

We knew you wanted this! Now you can send automatic email notifications to any email you pick whenever a visitor behaves in a certain way. You can even send an email to the Visitor with a promotion if you have their email on their Woopra profile.

Possibilities are endless! Let us know how you end up using these new features.

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