The New Woopra iPhone App Released to App Store!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the new Woopra iPhone and iPad app! The completely rebuilt app takes advantage of the new Woopra protocol and features.

Here are some of the exciting features now available directly from your iPhone:

Live Dashboard

This new dashboard shows you a live summary of everything that’s happening on your website. You’ll be able to see the total number of visitors currently on the website, how many of them are new or returning, and how these visitors are engaging with your website (i.e. idle, reading or writing).

The dashboard also gives you an idea of the most active referrers, pages and countries. You can access the Live Map which shows you all the visitors on a world map.

In addition, we added the Active Labels to the dashboard, which enables you to see the live count of visitors organized by labels. Labels can be created by using the Live Web App.

Labels & Push Notifications

Besides displaying active labels on your Live Dashboard, we’ve also integrated the labels into many other features in the new app. We mentioned in the past that with the new labels we’ll be able to support push notifications on the iPhone and other devices since the notifications are being processed on our engines. Today, with the new iPhone app, you’ll be able to get notifications while on the move.

Imagine receiving a notification to your phone whenever a visitor hits a 404 page (i.e. page not found), allowing you to act on it immediately. Or, how about being notified every time someone makes a purchase on your website while you’re out having drinks with friends?

That’s beautiful.

Live Chat Support

With this app, you can now provide chat support to your visitors from your phone. This feature supports both inbound and outbound chat, meaning you’ll have the option to allow your visitors to start a chat with you while you’re on the go.

Segmented Reports

Not only can you view reports over a custom date range, but in this version, we have also enabled segmentation. You can now load a report for a segment of your visitors by setting up a Filter or by simply loading a Label; you can switch between Visitors, Visits and Actions columns.

And much, much, more…

Take me to the Woopra App Store page!

Elie K.

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