New Woopra Feature: Navigation Path

As we promised last week, we’re going to be launching several new features over the coming few weeks in parallel with the launch of the Woopra iPhone, iPad, Android and Desktop apps. Today, we’re excited to launch the first of the series, the “Navigation Path” feature.

The Navigation Path allows you to learn about traffic coming to and leaving from a specific page, action or custom event. You’ll be able to see the internal and external referrers leading your visitor to the page, action or Custom Event being studied. You will also be able to find out where your visitors are leaving to from that page, action or Custom Event.

Using the Navigation Path feature, you can monitor and increase the effectiveness of specific content on your site. For example, this feature is extremely useful in optimizing hyperlinks on specific pages to better direct your traffic. Say you want to see which content featured on your homepage is the most interesting to your visitors. With the Navigation Path you can track which link visitors to your homepage are clicking the most. And just as with any other Woopra feature, you can run that report for a specific segment of Visitors or Visits to get even more detailed information. Let’s say you want to study how first time visitors get to your home page and what content on your homepage they find most interesting, you can use the filter “Total Number of Visits = 1″ to track this.

Not only can you add a page URL or Custom Event, but you can also add a Page Title. For example, you can study all the pages with the title “Page Not Found” and spot all the pages referring to pages that don’t exist on your website.

Do you have any additional ideas of great uses of this feature? Share your thoughts with us!

Other updates

In this update, we have also:

  • fixed numerous bugs
  • added new icons to the chat: when your message is sent and when your message is delivered to the visitor. Visitors will be able to see these check marks as well
  • enhanced the Labels UI under Live Visitors

Stay tuned.

Founder – @eliekhoury.

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