Woopra State of the Union for September 2011

It’s been a while since you last heard from us. Our team has been super busy cooking up some big Woopra updates that are going to be launched starting this week. Thanks for your patience, these updates are well worth the wait!

Desktop App

We’re thrilled to announce today that we’re working on the final touches of the new Desktop App. It is ready and being tested internally and by a small selection of Woopra users. The new desktop app unifies our main Live App code base, which means it will be running on the same code base that we built for the Web version. On top of that, we are using native resources (ex: Native Desktop Notifications, compressed socket streams, native dialogs etc…) by extending Apple’s WebKit. The User Interface has been optimized to run, look and feel natively for every operating system (ex: Glass Windows, Mac Extended Toolbars etc…)

iPhone & iPad Apps

In addition to the desktop app, we have rebuilt our iPhone app from scratch. It puts our old iPhone app to shame. Not only that, the new iPhone app is universal, which means it’s also optimized for the iPad. We’re so excited to submit it to the App Store as soon as we finish the final touches.

This app supports Live Chat, customizable reports, a beautiful expandable dashboard, push notifications (yes!) and much more!

Android App

At Woopra, we also love Androids. We’re building a new amazing android app that’s going to be launched a month after the iPhone app. The app is almost finished and we’re refining the user interface and navigation. This app will also run on Android tablets.

Amazing new features & enhancements

As we develope different clients, we’re also rolling out some major new updates to our Live app.

Live Chat Enhancement

We’ve been working on improving the Chat Support experience. We have already rolled out some updates and improved its stability. We’re in the process of rolling out a major update to the Chat that allows users to customize the chat widget and the customer support experience.

Co-hort Analysis

Co-hort Analysis is also known as visitor retention or loyalty. We’re rolling out this feature in October as we know how important it is for startups, especially those who are pitching to investors.

Navigation Summary

This feature will allow users to analyze navigation from and to every page or action on their website. We’ll get into more details once we launch the feature.


We’re rolling out a new calendar to the Live Web App. We saw how much people loved that feature in the desktop app so we decided to rebuild it for the web.

Customizable Reports

Soon enough, you’ll be able to set up better customized reports. We started with 3 columns (Visitors, Visits and Actions) but soon enough, you’ll be able to add new columns by simply defining a name, type and filter (example: Conversions, Facebook likes, Revenue, etc…)

Please stay tuned as we’re going to start rolling out the new clients and updates really soon. We are eager to hear your feedback and iterate together to deliver the best web analytics experience in the world.


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