What’s new in Woopra 2.6?

Woopra 2.6 is another major to Woopra. We have rebuilt the search and analytics from scratch. We have also fixed numerous bugs and once again, improved the performance dramatically.

New Search Interface

For those who are already familiar with our Desktop Application Search, you’re going to be more familiar with the new search interface. It’s more compact and easier to navigate. Here’s how it looks like:

Of course, you can always expand each visit by clicking on the actions button.

The New Analytics

This is what we’re mostly excited about. We have completely rebuilt our Analytics infrastructure to come out with much more precise analyses, taking into consideration a lot of questions that we were never able to answer accurately.

  • Comparing weeks, months, quarters and years.
  • Finding the exact number of uniques over any date range.
  • A new interface for referrers. We know that this is the most important metric in web analytics (at least for most of us).
  • Much cleaner User Interface

That’s it for today. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment or mentioning @woopra on Twitter.

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