Tracking Glitch on February 10th

Dear Woopra users,

You may have noticed a glitch in your stats yesterday. I’m writing this blog post to explain what exactly happened.

Yesterday, our CDN Origin server crashed for some reasons that we’re still trying to identify. The CDN Origin is a server hosted at the Woopra Data Centers that dispatches static files (including the Javascript tracking codes) to EdgeCast CDN servers in different locations in the world to deliver our tracking code to your visitors as fast as possible. While EdgeCast still caches our files on most locations, it failed to load them on some others.

We advise everyone to replace their tracking code with the new asynchronous tracking code. This won’t cause the page to hang if there’s a problem loading the Woopra script. You can find it under Members > Settings > Setup.

We apologize for the incident and we have taken steps to prevent this type of failure in the future.


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