Introducing Labels, New Filters and Live View

As we promised last week, we are introducing today an amazing and major new feature to Woopra – Labels. With Labels, you can segment your visitors in real-time.


Are you familiar with the Labels in Gmail? The concept of Labels in Woopra is very similar except that a Woopra Label is dynamic – which means a Label is never stuck on a visitor, it’s updated dynamically as the visitor navigates through your website. With Labels, you can:

  • Define a name and color for a dynamic segment of visitors using a wide range of filters (Example: Premium Users in Green)
  • Visitors will be labeled with colored markers in the live View and Map.
  • Labels are saved on the cloud and dynamically processed even when you’re not connected to the Woopra client – which creates possibilities (in the near future) like offline notifications.
  • Labels are saved as Filters presets that can be used in Search, Analytics and Funnels.
  • Agents can create their own Labels that are not shared with others.
  • Labels can be deactivated to be used only as filter presets

NOTE: We are temporarily enabling “Active” labels under all packages and they will be limited to 5. Those Labels will be deactivated on February the 1st for websites under the Basic (free) package and their limit will be increased for websites under paid packages. We will never set a limit on Inactive Labels under all packages and they can be used as filter presets.

The Labels feature replaces many features on the Desktop Application:

  • Saving Filters
  • New vs Returning
  • Notifications (soon)

New Filters

Not only we have enhanced the filters editor but we have also introduced a new range of filters to help you segment your visitors better:

  • Custom Visitor Data
  • Custom Event Data
  • Landing Page URL
  • Exit Page URL

We have also added a new set of matches allowing you to negate filters:

  • Does not match
  • Does not contain
  • Does not start with
  • Does not end with

Last but not least, we have added the ability to switch between All (AND) and Any (OR).

Live View

And finally, we have updated the live view for better compatibility with larger websites. We have enhanced the Live list view of visitors by adding more details there (browser, platform, label color, number of actions, last action). We have also introduced a new and smooth sliding animation, for visitors and their actions, that runs much faster than it used to with the older UI.

We have also added a search bar which helps you filter your visitors in realtime by their demographics, custom data, label names and their last action. When your search gets more sophisticated, you’ll may have to rely on the Labels feature to filter your visitors on our servers.

We are no longer showing all the visitors expanded on the right side, that was resource consuming on the client side. Since the list view has now a more readable UI, you can watch your visitors in a compact view and click on any of them to watch them in realtime on the right side without having to scroll and go crazy if your website is heavy.

That’s all for the new updates. Many cool new features are being cooked but meanwhile, you may be asking what happened with the desktop application and what is the future of Woopra on the desktop. We will answer this question in details this week.

Stay tuned.

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