Fun With the Woopra API – Viewing Visitors in Google Earth

Here is a fun little time waster for you guys to try out that will allow you to see all of your Woopra visitors in Google Earth without even needing to launch the Woopra desktop application! This is a hack, so you have to follow the steps very closely…

First of all, if you don’t yet have it, you need to go download Google Earth. It’s a cool 3D virtual globe that lets you view any place on Earth and even zoom in to the street level in most places! Once you’ve got it installed, here’s how to get your Woopra visitors overlayed in real time onto the Google Earth.

  1. Log into your Woopra account and find the API Key option in the Edit Settings dropdown menu on the Dashboard. Each Website has its own API key, so if you want to add multiple sites to Google Earth you will need to repeat this step for each one.
  2. Launch your Google Earth application and choose ADD from the main menu, followed by NETWORK LINK.
  3. Give your Woopra Visitor traffic link a name, and then in the link box enter the following – but replace the part that says my domain name with YOUR domain name, and replace the XXXXXXXX with YOUR API Key:
  4. Ok, that’s it! Once you’ve added the link you should see little yellow push pins all over the globe wherever you have a visitor. The best part is, you can zoom in all the way down to the street level!

Enjoy! And if you come up with any other useful hacks let us know!

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