Woopra Named as Top 10 Web Products for 2010

ReadWriteWeb - Year in Review 2010 badgeReadWriteWeb’s 2010 in Review features the best products of 2010 as selected by the ReadWriteWeb staff and fans. Richard MacManus' Top 10 Web Products of 2010 highlights his personal favorites, including Woopra among iPad, Facebook, Instapaper, Chrome, Evernote, TweetDeck, and others.

This month ReadWriteWeb is publishing a series of top 10 lists of the best products of 2010, each based on a specific category. This post is a little different, in that it’s my own personal top 10 list of my favorite products of 2010. I’m not claiming these are the best products of the year, only that they’re the products I used and loved the most.

About , he writes:

Without a doubt the most addictive business tool I use. Tracking statistics for ReadWriteWeb is a crucial part of my work and Woopra provides a real-time view of what’s happening on ReadWriteWeb at any time of the day. I check it constantly. I get warm fuzzies when I see the WikiLeaks website driving lots of traffic to RWW. I smile inwardly when I see one of my own posts doing well. I frown when a post that I wrote isn’t setting the online world on fire. My curiosity is piqued when I see an old post getting action all of a sudden. So many emotions to sustain me through my working day as an online publisher!

Woopra was in the honorable mentions for the The Top 10 Products of 2009 and Top 100 Real-Time Web Companies, so it’s an honor to be on MacManus’ personal top 10 list this year.

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