Postal workers don’t want to eat poop…cake… 1

Ever have a crappy day?  Well, the Cape Coral post office in Florida recently did and in an effort to wipe away the gloom a U.S.P.S. manager there decided to celebrate it with a “poop cake.”

Postal Poop Cake

Poop Cake

The Cape Coral, FL post office was under staffed the day a mystery shopper got in a  line that was out the door.  It took 25 minutes to get  through that line and dropped the post office’s score to 75 and by the end of it all that post office’s score was a 48.

Realizing that they had had a really “poopy day” a manager there brought in a cake that looked like a huge pile of poop.  It seems that the postal workers felt that they had taken enough poop and instead of lightening the mood it sent another day at the post office right down the toilet.

Here’s a link to the story –be sure the watch the video as the reporter has some pretty funny things to say:

Was it a BM (bad move) by the postal manager?  Should the employees have had a sense of humor and let it “go?”  Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

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