Woopra Team Meeting Needs Your Feedback

The is gathered in the Dallas, Texas, area for the first time in a long time without a virtual world between us. We working on the future of Woorpa and dealing with issues in the present.

We’ve been meeting with Woopra fans and members from the last weekend’s OpenCamp, August 27-29, 2010, and meeting with groups throughout this week. They are putting Woopra to the test and reporting bugs, hopes, and dreams, and testing some of the new features we’re working on.

Woopra team and friends working in Dallas, TexasWe need your input and help.

We’ve got a lot of Woopra we’re working on, including the Woopra Desktop Client installed on your computer, the updated web analytics version, the Woopra iPhone App, Woopra WordPress Plugin, and other soon-to-be released plugins and add-ons. That’s a lot of woop to cover and we need your help.

This is the time to dig into each of these products and services and uncover what you like and not like about them. We need to know what you want to see more of or less. We need to know what you want us to provide you today and in the future. We’re gathered together going over your feedback for the past few years and we need your updated input.

It’s your turn. Let’s hear from you.

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