Open Camp Toenail Blues 5

How I started the month of Aug 2010 with blue toe nails and ended it with a song.

It all started when @camsicle painted her toenails blue for OpenCamp

BlueToenails 001rvsd

Of course she had to tweet about it and post a twitpic. @davecurlee saw it and commented that he had gone blue before, Kat had made him that way and his little girls got a big kick out of it. He then said come on @sweg (me) real men paint their toenails blue!

I took on the challenge as a joke and did a quick photoshop job transplanting @camsicles toenails on to my feet and sent a reply back at @davecurlee saying, “Done your turn”!

photo shoped blue
I was pretty sure he would be able to tell that it was a photoshop and say something about it and that would be the end of it. But I never heard back from Dave.

Proxomo was throwing a OpenCamp happy hour and I figured I had better show up with blue toenails since @davecurlee was thinking I went through with it so I went out and bought myself some blue nail polish.  I have to tell you the girl checking me out at Walmart was giving me some seriously funny looks!

@johnpoz was at the happy hour and I explained my situation to him, he sent out a twitpic of my pretty blue toes to @davecurlee and once again I’m thinking “ok Dave will see I showed up with blue toes, now I can get this stuff off and once again that will be the end of it.”

ocdfw bluesWrong!

John Pozadzides calls Dave Curlee a punk for not showing with blue toes and Dave responds with this blog postCurlee's got blue toes.

I figured at this point I might as well make the most of it and see if we can raise some awareness about OpenCamp by posting pics and tweeting about it. Not to mention being able to talk about OpenCamp every time someone noticed my blue toenails.

A whole bunch of folks including @hollypoz got into the spirit and joined the OpenCamp Blues by painting their toes and fingers and dying their hair and even beards!  Check out some of the pics on flickr.

I posted my feet on facebook as my profile pic and one of my friends Doug Hill commented that next I needed to shave my legs! Doug is a great guitar player and has a band in Portland WA so I told him “Write me a blues song about painting my toenails blue and I’ll do it!”

Sooo anyway, he posted the song last night and here it is: toenailblues.mp3

And speaking of the blues, I’m really looking forward to going to the OpenCamp reunion at the House of Blues on Sept 9th, but I think I will wear long pants!

5 thoughts on “Open Camp Toenail Blues

  1. Reply John Pozadzides Aug 31,2010 11:13 pm

    Ok, when are you going to learn to stop making these crazy bets!!!??? 😉

    John P.

  2. Reply Cam Swegman Sep 1,2010 3:50 am

    Let’s hope they never stop as it provides weeks of entertainment for the rest of us ~8(:D

  3. Reply mother-in-law Sep 10,2010 5:24 pm

    Hmmmph! Am I the only one NOT surprised?

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