OpenCamp Uses Woopra to Track and Interact

is proud to be a Platinum Level Sponsor for OpenCamp in Dallas, August 27-29, 2010. We’re also uniquely involved in the event.


On Saturday, August 28, an expert panel of Woopra users will be sharing their insights into how they use Woopra’s real-time analytics and live chat features for their online business. Led by long-time Woopra fan and producer of the , DB Ferguson, the panel will cover SEO, visitor tracking, customer service with the Woopra Live Chat Widget, trends, custom reports tracking, and more.

The CEO of Woopra and co-producer of OpenCamp, John Pozadzides, explained how OpenCamp is using Woopra’s features as part of the preparation, planning, and strategy of the event:

All of this year’s OpenCamp organizers are using Woopra’s shared access so we can see as visitors come and go in real time on the OpenCamp site, tracking the response to news, tweets, articles, ads, and really see where our visitors are coming from. We’ve been able to talk to website owners driving traffic to our site about becoming more actively involved in the event. Since their audience is interested and signing up for the event, shouldn’t they have a presence as well?

In addition, you may notice the little Woopra Chat Widget in the footer area of every page on the OpenCamp site. This is the Woopra Live Chat Widget which allows you to click-to-chat with any available member of the team. We’ve had volunteers staffing the chat for the past two months, answering questions and guiding people in the right direction. We’ve walked people through registration, talked to potential sponsors, and have been able to instantly expand relationships with those who need a little more help or information than what’s on the page. It’s been an incredible experience for all our volunteers to feel intimately involved in the event participants way before the event begins.

Woopra Chat Widget on OpenCamp Event site

John added that some members have been fighting over the “good time slots” just so they can use the feature to interact with the most visitors during active times.

The whole Woopra team will be at OpenCamp all weekend and would love to answer your questions or help you learn more about how Woopra works, and what you would like to see improved in Woopra. Come on down and say hello!

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